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Key Features

Water probiotic with its 7 robust bacterial strains maintain the water column in favour of shrimp farming. Prevents unwanted algae and pathogens. Active in wide range of salinity.


Ecotrax is a consortia of seven microorganism capable of  performing wide range of functions in shrimp culture


500g and 1kg in zip lock pouch


Apply 400gm/acre (20 – 30 / M2 stocking density) in the pond water in sunny morning. Dosage to be decided based on stocking density. Ensure total alkalinity of 120 ppm for better performance

Shelf life

Best before 18 months from the date of manufactures

Question and Answers

Yes synbiotic has probiotic and prebiotic. It offers the benefit of the probiotic. Additionally nourishes the probiotic with prebiotic and promotes digestion in gut with enzymes

Probiotic microorganisms in the promote the gut activity and offer good villi health. The prebiotic enzymes promotes digestion. Improved nutrient assimilation ensures the effective utilization of the feed.

Probiotic microorganisms by effective competitive inhibition keeps the pathogens in control and promotes the health of the cultured species
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