Animal Healthcare Products



We are one of the forerunner in aquaculture healthcare products in India offering wide range of products for aquatic animal healthcare and pond management. This includes Feed Supplements, Gut Probiotics, Water & Soil Probiotics, Mineral Mix and others. In aquaculture TIL Bioscience’s business is built on the twin pillars of scientific innovations and technical expertise, delivered to the farming community. To our credit and excellence TIL Biosciences have been bestowed with Aqua International’s “Best Aquaculture Healthcare Products Manufacturer Award - 2017”; Global Health & Pharma’s “Best Animal Health Product Manufacturer – India Award” and “Award for Innovation in Probiotics” four times in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022; Corporate America Today’s “Best Animal Health Product Manufacturer Award – 2020” We serve the aqua farming community with the motto of sustainable production.