Animal Healthcare Products

From concept to impact of a multispecies synbiotic for sustainable shrimp farming


Arun, J., Jeyaraj, G.P., Vijayaram, S. (2023).


Aquaculture is the fastest growing food producing sector in the world. India is second largest seafood producer in the world. Disease management is the big challenge in shrimp aquaculture. Even with the availability of specific pathogen-free (SPF) seeds, Vibriosis and Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) still affect the culture causing substantial loss. Controlling pathogens in an ecofriendly and sustainable method is the desirable direction. In this context numerous research reports pointed out options such as probiotic, prebiotic, phytobiotic, phage therapy for disease management but synbiotic related reports are still limited. Synbiotic applications provide numerous beneficial effects for shrimp culture such as improving the immune system, disease resistance, pathogen control, maintenance of gut microbial population, and increased digestive enzymes. Synbiotic role and activity is effective and efficient than individual probiotic and prebiotic supplements. It is the more effective alternative for antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. This paper presents insights into the concept of synbiotic applications, performs a review of the literature, and discusses the efficacy of a multispecies synbiotic product Ecoforce in growth promotion and disease control in the shrimp farming industry.